U.S. Legacies is a division of American Legacies, LLC., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving historical information about People, Places, and Things. 

This is a FREE service where you can post and preserve, or read and share the memories, stories, photographs,family recipes and genealogy information of your parents, grand-parents and other loved ones, in order to preserve their LEGACIES for future generations.

In order to keep this information FREE, all of the research, editing, proofreading, layouts, graphics and web-design is performed by non-paid-volunteers. As such, we are constantly looking for individuals that CARE about their family history as well as local and American History, that are willing to assist us in documenting and preserving this information.

If you are passionate about learning something new every day, or doing something positive during your lifetime that will have a major effect on future generations, then we would like to encourage you to join our team of non-paid volunteers. This will be your chance to leave your own legacy behind and make a major difference that can help Influence, educate and warm the hearts of future generations for hundreds of years.

The area’s where we can always use help are:

  • Typists: To type up stories and articles, from screen shots or scanned images of handwritten items.
  • Data Entry: To enter typed articles and stories on our websites.
  • Story Editors: To review raw articles and suggest revisions.
  • Proofreaders: To read and correct punctuation and spelling mistakes.
  • Writers: To write stories and articles about towns and people as well as “how to” articles.
  • Freelance Writers: To submit historical articles they have written and get the name recognition.
  • Researchers: To locate, copy and forward historical information for preservation.
  • Photo Editors: To resize, enhance and/or upload family and historical images.
  • PR Reps: To submit article teasers to social media sites
  • Web Designers: To update website programs and check security issues.
  • Programmers: To assist in creating or updating various web programs.


If you were born in the U.S.A. and are interested in assisting us in preserving American History and Legacies, please use our contact form on any of our websites to submit your email address and the area you are willing to volunteer for. One of our team leaders will get back in touch with you with additional information.

Thank You


Administrator: American Legacies, LLC.