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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to read a diary that contained the thoughts, dreams and emotions of your parents or grandparents? Especially something that was written as they were growing up, or as they were about to get married or even as they were about to become parents for the first time?

What about your ancestors? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to read a journal that talked about the trip they made in a wagon train as they crossed this great nation of ours or even about the boat trip that was made from a foreign land?

What could their lives have been like in that foreign land that made them want to come to this country in the first place? All of these experiences would make for some very interesting reading; interesting not only to you, a blood relative, but also to the relatives of the people with whom they traveled and to other readers curious about the personal histories of our  ancestors.

While it may be too late to read stories about loved ones that have passed on, it is NOT to late to document your own memories of stories your parents or grandparents told you and preserve them for your grandchildren.

Share your memories and life experiences NOW, before it is to late and leave a legacy to your family members that can survive for many generations after you are gone.

Our desire at LEGACIES is to help bring people closer together by publishing those excerpts from diaries, journals, letters and other personal stories that describe the events, feelings and thoughts we all experience in life, and in the process help our legacies to live on.

We even offer a free questionnaire that can be used to inspire you or other family members and friends to recall specific times and events in their lives.

We would also encourage you to send copies of these stories to us, so that we can post them on our websites, in order to allow distant relatives or future descendants to learn about your life and any stories or memories you have involving your parents, grandparents or other ancestors.

This is a FREE SERVICE run entirely by non-paid volunteers. We will NEVER CHARGE anyone to submit their family memories to our websites or to READ any stories we publish in a public format.

All material posted on our websites are protected by U.S. Copyrights belonging to the individuals communicating and sharing the stories with American Legacies, World Wide Legacies or U.S. Legacies. This usually means the person or family writing the story and submitting it, retains the copyright, however in the case of professional Freelance Writers, they MAY have written agreements with the family or person they are writing about. American Legacies, LLC and World Wide Legacies does NOT get involved with any personal agreements individuals may have with either professional or non-professional ghost writers or freelance writers, regarding ownership of copyrights.

American Legacies, LLC and World Wide Legacies, reserves the right to publish and/or store all material submitted to us, on multiple digital formats such as backup hard drives, multiple servers located in different towns and/or countries, in hard copy formats or any other reasonable storage formats that may become available in the future, as long as it will assist us in using every reasonable method possible to protect and preserve these precious family memories from being lost or damaged.

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